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The first Sun Book tablets have been distributed to classrooms in Uganda, with plans to ship to other off-the-grid classrooms – not connected to digital world – in countries in Africa, Asia and South America.

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Current targeted regions: Uganda, Cameroon and Colombia

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Become a Friend

Become a Friend today to show your support because every child deserves the right to read and learn.

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Become a Friend

Become a Friend

Become a Friend today to show your support because every child deserves the right to read and learn.

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Student Stories

  • Sera

    Studying in Gulu Uganda

    Sera wants to learn to read properly

    The school where 7-year-old Sera attends has never had enough books and resources. So he was delighted when a Sun Book tablet was put into his hands – with the support of people like you.

    “The first time l used the tablet l started laugh. I have never seen anything like this. I like playing with the games about letters and words.

    “We normally just only write on the chalk board. I want to learn how to read properly.”

  • Sabiti

    Studying in Gulu Uganda

    Sabiti sees new worlds through books

    Little Sabiti has an adventurous spirit. Now this Grade 3 student can broaden her horizons with the Sun Book tablet.

    “Today is a happy day because l get to read to my class a book from the tablet. I like books about action and adventure. When l read, l dream about a new world and see different things!

    “The tablet has sounds and noises which make everyone laugh and listen to me.”

    Thank you for showing Sabiti the way to new realms!

  • Oidu

    Studying in Gulu Uganda

    Oidu wants to work in a safari park

    What child doesn’t love animals? But Oidu, age 7, likes his furry creatures to be big.

    “My favorite animal is the lion. Today l show my class about animals in Africa. I used the tablet to show them many different animals.  Everyone was looking very close at me. I hope one day when l finish school to work in a safari park.”

    Now Oidu can discover lots more about lions with the Sun Book tablet. Thank you.

  • Sanyu

    Studying in Gulu Uganda

    Sanyu wants to see the world!

    Sanyu likes using the Sun Book tablet to learn about new places and cultures.

    “In class we are learning about other countries and use the tablet to see pictures and learn facts about places. It’s a lot of fun and very interesting. One day, l hope to see other parts of the world.”

    Sanyu says books are scarce in her school.

    “In my school we have only a few books between 840 other students.”

    You’re helping Sanyu to get a quality education.

Teacher Stories

  • Patrick

    Teaching in Gulu Uganda

    Patrick’s greatest frustration…

    Patrick is a Grade 6 teacher in Gulu, Uganda. He struggles without the many educational resources that are so readily available to teachers in wealthier countries.

    “My greatest frustration as a teacher is not having the learning tools for my students. A classroom without books is a big obstacle in the ability for a student to learn.”

    Patrick cannot simply download sample lesson plans or Google a subject like so many teachers with access to the Internet. That’s why the Sun Book tablet is so important to him.

    “We are located in a regional community without any electricity or Internet. The new Sun Book tablet is bringing the world to us despite our isolation.”

    “I am using the encyclopedia and lesson plan template to prepare my class. The videos and audio books are a big hit with the students.”

  • Jody

    Teaching in Gulu Uganda

    Jody says her class loves the Swahili content

    Jody teaches Grade 4 in a school where there is a shortage of everything from books to furniture.

    “A class can be 50 to 60 students in our school. It’s very hard for students to find a seat, let alone learn.”

    So thanks to your support, the Sun Book tablet is a welcome addition to the classroom.

    “The local Swahili books are very popular. We are using the audio books with the speakers on the tablet. I provide one chapter per day. The children hang on each word.”

  • Adorakach

    Teaching in Gulu Uganda

    Adorakach says the children are eager to learn

    Adokorach is a Grade 4 teacher in Gulu, Uganda. She says the Sun Book tablets are crucial for her students to get a quality education.

    “The children are always eager to learn. They understand a good education will provide many opportunities for them in the future,” she says.

    “We are delighted to be a school using the Sun Book tablets. We only have a few text and general reading books between 850 students at our school.”

    Books are so scarce Adokorach has to write out stories on the blackboard in chalk!

    “It’s very hard for the children not to get the opportunity to read their own books. Now, the children can have access to many books. I think it’s wonderful!”

  • Akot

    Teaching in Gulu Uganda

    Akot is so grateful to you for learning tools…

    “I believe the tablets will make a very positive impact on the children’s learning and development skills.”

    “Already we see the children excited to read the ebooks. I am grateful to give a toolbox of learning tools to my students in class.”

    Thank you for giving Akot’s Grade 6 class books and resources they wouldn’t otherwise have.

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