The Sun Book Tablet

Children need books to learn!

How can a child develop a love of learning and joy of reading with no books? How can a teacher be expected to educate without the right resources?

In wealthy countries, many children already have several hundred books in the home in their toddler years.

But children like Tusubira and his classmates would be lucky to own a book between them. And their local schools do not have the textbooks needed to provide a high quality education.

Enter the Sun Book.

Children need book to learn

Achen, age 8, Grade 4 pupil, Uganda

“I like maths at school. Today I used the new tablet for maths. I want to learn more but we don’t have any books in our class and sometimes it’s really hard.”

Solar Powered Tablet Device

A whole library on one device for a fraction of the cost!

When you provide a Sun Book tablet to a classroom, you are giving a teacher and their students:

Sun Book tablet features
    • 800 textbooks on one device
    • 30% local content included
    • Solar-powered no electricity needed
    • Content pre-loaded no Internet needed
    • Low-cost to make and ship
    • In-the-field training and support for teachers
    • Fast, no buffering
    • Durable materials to reduce damage
The Sun Book Tablet
A comprehensive digital library
- with a focus on literacy, numeracy and health, the tablet has over 800 textbooks and ebooks plus video and audio files, lesson plans and classroom activities, educational games and student assessment tools.
Fast, high quality content
- no buffering or waiting for content to load.
Strong, durable materials
- built to withstand harsh, outdoor environments.
In-the-field teacher training
- a field officer will visit the teacher in the school to provide training and support for the tablet.
A sustainable solar-powered device
- a solar panel charger means no electricity is needed for recharging.
All content preloaded
- crucial in regions where Internet is patchy or non-existent so no downloads are required.
Relevant local content
- 30% of the textbooks and resources on the device incorporate local content.
Low cost educational resources
- much cheaper and easier to produce and ship than the equivalent hard copy textbooks.
A learning tool that requires no Internet or electricity

Children in Uganda want to learn – they need your help

Every extra year of education a girl receives increases her income by 10-20%

Common Questions

Sun Book FAQ

What are the Sun Book specs?

The Sun Book is a 10-inch Android device with 16GB storage. It measures 242 x 189 x 10mm and weighs 680g.

What sort of local content is included on the tablet?

Content in both Swahili and English has come from partnerships with several local children’s book publishers. So teachers can teach and children can learn using local, culturally relevant books and resources.

How will the Sun Book tablet be used?

With your support, the aim is to provide one Sun Book tablet for each classroom. The teacher can use the resources on the device to help devise lesson plans. Children can read books on the device or complete assessments as set by the teacher.

Who developed the Sun Book tablet?

The World Literacy Foundation designed and developed the Sun Book tablet over the last 3 years. This was in response to the urgent need for more textbooks and teaching resources in millions of classrooms throughout the world’s poorest regions.

Sanyu, age 9, Grade 5, Gulu, Uganda

“I like to use the tablet to learn about places around the world. In my school we have only a few books (to share) between 840 other students. In class, we are learning about other countries and use the tablet to see pictures and learn facts about places. It’s a lot of fun and very interesting. One day, l hope to see other parts of the world!”

Technology can help children learn

Using Technology As a Solution

Does using technology improve student results?

Imagine if you could make 18 months’ progress in just six weeks!

That’s what happened to children in rural schools who were using digital content on tablet devices in studies from the University of Nottingham in the UK.

Other research from the university also suggests solar-powered tablet technology could be important for lifting the quality of education in developing countries.

Also, a 2011 study from Harvard and MIT said computer-aided instruction or mobile phone-aided instruction can improve student learning in rural and other disadvantaged areas.

For technology to be used effectively in the classroom:

  • Teachers must be trained – which is why teachers receive training on-the-job on how to use the Sun Book tablet.
  • Technology must be sustainable – which is why the Sun Book tablet is solar-powered.
  • The education system itself must support technology – more developing countries are recognising the need to equip teachers and students with digital skills.

Mirembe, age 9, Grade 5 pupil, Uganda

“My best friend and me played this word game on the tablet. You needed to match words with other words. At first it was hard, but we both really enjoyed it. We only have an old chalk board in our class. The little computer has lots of educational videos and books for everyone in our class.”

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