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Become a Friend today to show your support because every child deserves the right to read and learn.

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Isn’t it more important to recruit and train teachers in developing regions?

At best, even the most qualified and experienced teachers in the world will struggle to teach if they have few or no textbooks and other learning materials. At worst, students will learn little and fall behind the required standards, keeping them trapped in poverty. The equipping, training and support of teachers is vital for a quality education.

How effective can the Sun Book tablet really be when other technological solutions have had mixed success?

The independent research in the use of such devices has proven rapid learning gains amongst 80% of students.

How much of my money is spent on administration?

92% of your donation will go directly to the project. Administration costs are covered by Foundation and Corporate supporters.

Charity starts at home. I’d rather help needy children in my own country rather than overseas country.

The reality is that access to books and educational resources is more easily available in wealthier countries. But for most students in Africa, book ownership is only for a very few.

If the life cycle of the tablet is 3 to 4 years, what happens after that time?

The World Literacy Foundation will collect and replace the tablet with an updated device.

Who actually owns the Sun Book tablet once it’s distributed?

The World Literacy Foundation (WLF) owns the device at all times. The teacher in each classroom must sign a loan agreement with WLF and cannot sell or use the tablet for any other purposes.

What if the Sun Book tablet gets stolen?

It can be replaced subject to the circumstances.

What happens if the Sun Book tablet breaks?

The tablet features extra-durable protection suitable for the outdoors. However, if the tablet is damaged, the World Literacy Foundation can provide service and repair assistance.

What are the Sun Book specs?

The Sun Book is a 10-inch Android device with 16GB storage. It measures 242 x 189 x 10mm and weighs 680g.

What about training and support?

A field officer provides induction training and ongoing support in the use of the Sun Book tablet.

What sort of local content is included on the tablet?

Content in both Swahili and English has come from partnerships with several local children’s book publishers. So teachers can teach and children can learn using local, culturally relevant books and resources.

Why only one Sun Book tablet per classroom? Why not one per child?

The ultimate goal is to provide children with a quality education. However, the tablet is actually aimed at the teacher who sets the learning agenda for the students. This is a more efficient way of using scarce resources. Also, with the teacher responsible for the tablet, there was a lower likelihood of the device being stolen.

Realistically, if there’s only one tablet per classroom, how many children in a class will get to use it?

A teacher can rotate students around various texts and activities. But using audio books also has immense benefits for students in a whole of class setting. Also, a group of 5-10 students at a time can use the literacy games and books.

How will the Sun Book tablet be used?

With your support, the aim is to provide one Sun Book tablet for each classroom. The teacher can use the resources on the device to help devise lesson plans. Children can read books on the device or complete assessments as set by the teacher.

Who developed the Sun Book tablet?

The World Literacy Foundation designed and developed the Sun Book tablet over the last 3 years. This was in response to the urgent need for more textbooks and teaching resources in millions of classrooms throughout the world’s poorest regions.

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