Education For All

What do you do if you have no access to textbooks?

Children like Nangila is one of millions missing out on a quality education and developing a love of learning.

And it’s not because she’s not going to school.

It’s because her classroom in Uganda, a country where the majority still live in poverty, does not have enough books.

In some classes, some children can go through years of schooling without ever seeing a single textbook.

Nor can they connect to the Internet. So they cannot access the plethora of learning resources enjoyed by their peers in wealthier countries.

Now, with the Sun Book tablet, Nangila is discovering the joy of reading!

Why education matter to a child's future

Sabiti, age 7, Grade 3 pupil, Uganda

“Today is a happy day because l get to read to my class a book from the tablet. I like books about action and adventure. When l read, l dream about a new world and see different things.”

Donate a Sun Book

Donate a Sun Book

Give a class of children a complete digital library and a shot at a quality education.


Donate a Sun Book

Donate a Sun Book

Give a class of children a complete digital library and a shot at a quality education.



In 20 million classrooms in the world’s poorest countries, children are missing out on vital schooling because they lack books and basic education resources

How You Can Play a Part

United Nations Millennium Development Goals

  • 2000-2015

    Millennium Development Goal 2

    Achieve universal primary education by 2015, boys and girls alike will be able to complete primary school.

    Enrolment in primary education in developing regions reached 91% in 2015, up from 83% in 2000.

  • 2015-2030

    Sustainable Development Goal 4

    Quality education and lifelong learning opportunities for all.

    You can play a part!

More poor children than ever before are enrolled into school, thanks to Millennium Development Goal 2.

But although they are in school, many of these children are not receiving an adequate education. Teachers are under qualified and schools are under-resourced.

That’s why quality of education is the new focus under Sustainable Development Goal 4.

One of the big challenges now is to ensure children and teachers have the textbooks and resources they need to get a quality education.

When you donate a Sun Books tablet, you are:

  1. 1. Providing crucial classroom resources to help children in poverty to get a quality education
  2. 2. Giving a whole class of students the chance to break the poverty cycle
  3. 3. Helping children to develop a love of learning that will stand them in good stead during their years of employment

Every extra year of education a girl receives increases her income by 10-20%

Linking Poverty and Education

The link between poverty and education

Linking poverty and education

If you’re a child living in poverty, your family struggles to find enough money to feed the family. You may be living on a single meal a day.

So there is simply no money for school. Your parents may not even value education, believing that you’re better off working for whatever pittance you can get.

If you’re a girl child, you’re even less likely to be educated than your brothers. You’re kept home from school to do housework or care for other siblings.

Even if you’re one of the lucky few who do go to school, your family cannot afford textbooks, paper, pencils, uniforms. You may have to walk hours to get to school with no breakfast. So you have trouble concentrating in class anyway.

When you grow up, your poor education means you’re unable to get a higher-paying job to improve your standard of living. And when you have your own children, the cycle starts all over again.

Key Statistics

If you’re a child in a poor household in a developing region, you are 4 times more likely to be out of school as those in the richest households
90% of classrooms in the developing world have no access to electricity
65% of people in developing countries have no Internet. This rises to 90% in the world’s least developed countries

Adokorach, Grade 4 teacher, Gulu, Uganda

“The children are always eager to learn. They understand a good education will provide many opportunities for them in the future,” she says.

“We are delighted to be a school using the Sun Book tablets. We only have a few text and general reading books between 850 students at our school.”

Books are so scarce Adokorach has to write out stories on the blackboard in chalk!

“It’s very hard for the children not to get the opportunity to read their own books. Now, the children can have access to many books. I think it’s wonderful!”

Get Involved

Ways you can get involved


Donate a Sun Book tablet

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Give a class of children a complete digital library and a shot at a quality education.


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Become a Love of Learning Investor

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