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Become a Friend today to show your support because every child deserves the right to read and learn.

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February 27, 2017

Technology in education can change lives

Recently, Nighty joined the Sun Books Tablet project in Northern Uganda. Her passion for technology in education has inspired all of us. Nighty is an education specialist from Gulu, in Northern Uganda. She’s been working on our Sun Books tablet project as a Program Coordinator since early 2016. Nighty is an advocate for technology in education. She believes technology in education has the ability to transform Uganda and end illiteracy.

“Education and literacy are fundamental. Education unlocks the potential for all children. I believe integrating technology in education will provide a better standard of living for generations to come in Uganda.” – Nighty

Majority of classrooms in Northern Uganda are without electricity, Internet and basic educational materials. When Nighty heard about this project she couldn’t wait to be a part of it. This was the first time technology in education had been integrated into the curriculum of schools in the Gulu region.

“The Sun Books tablet was the first to make learning digital in the Gulu region”

Nighty shares the same values as Sun Books, eradicating illiteracy and providing education for all. She believes incorporate technology in education in Uganda will allow students to fulfil their potential and engage in many more opportunities to advance Uganda.

“Every child should have the opportunity to receive a good quality education that allows them to develop the skills for better lives for themselves, their family and the wider community.”


Nighty’s Story

Following the armed conflict and civil unrest for two decades in Northern Uganda, Nighty saw the desperate need of the people in her region. Many of them lacking basic literacy skills that would allow them to rebuild a life after the war. She saw that the education in Uganda had been misplaced. She began offering support to abducted victims through educational, vocational and life skills training. Following from this, Nighty began supporting young mothers also affected by the war. She provided educational lessons, learning resources and short-term educational courses. Nighty continued to pursue her passion for education in Uganda. She began working as a teacher in Gulu, where she directly supported vulnerable, disadvantaged children.


Bringing technology to classrooms to Northern Uganda

Northern Uganda has the highest poverty rate in the country. More so, it also has the lowest literacy rate in Uganda, only 64% of the population in the region are literate.

Nighty wants to ensure that every child has access to quality education.

“I believe technology in education is a powerful tool offering countless skills and opportunities to the children in the classroom.”

In Uganda statistics shows that only one in four students will complete primary school. Nighty’s response to that?

“I’m going to change this.”

Before the Sun Books tablet project, Nighty was aware developments in education around the world. She knew technology in education was transforming classrooms globally.

“I had heard of digital literacy projects in the capital, Kampala. But these educational advancements had not made it to Northern Uganda. Once I become a part of the Sun Books tablet initiative, I was so excited to integrate it into the classrooms around Gulu.”

Nighty’s perseverance and excitement around technology in education has shown evident results. Now, more than 15 schools in the region have implemented the Sun Books tablet into their curriculum. Incorporating technology in the educational curriculum and in the classrooms has empowered children, advancing their capabilities and bettering their skills.

“Technology in education has provided students with opportunities that’s benefiting the lives of their families and communities for generations to come.


The future of education in Uganda

“I want Uganda to move forward and I believe the Sun Books tablet can help achieve this.”

We all collectively recognise that technology in education is important for bringing countries forward and lifting them out of poverty. When you gain the skills from from quality education, you can enhance a country’s opportunities and strengths. Integrating technology in education allows individuals to feel empowered, their communities and the wider economy.

We asked Nighty about her visions for Uganda.

“I envision a future in Uganda where every child can read and write. Where every child can complete primary school and secondary school. Where every child secures a job that provides many benefits to the Ugandan economy and the citizens best interests. I want all students to have access to technology in the classroom and be able to transcend their capabilities.”

Then you can take action or give directly as we distribute the Sun Book tablets.

Contribute today to provide a Sun Book tablet to a classroom in Northern Uganda. Your donation can change the lives of many, unlocking new opportunities for students. Donating a Sun Book tablet will give a class of children a complete digital library and an opportunity to receive a quality education. Let’s work together to empower children and provide them with the education they need to break through poverty.

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