1.2 billion children have little or no access to basic learning resources, the Internet or electricity – help us change that

Donate a Sun Book tablet and become part of the first 500 club for 2018!

“When I read, I dream about a new world and see different things!”


1.2 billion children don’t have access to the text books that provide an opportunity to learn in a classroom. They remain trapped in an extreme poverty due to illiteracy and low level education.

The devices are pre-loaded with local, national and international educational content tailored to improved learning outcomes and help children escape the cycle of poverty.

Children in Uganda want to learn
they need your help

Join the First 500 Club!

Donate a Sun Book tablet

Give a class of children a complete digital library and a shot at a quality education.


Inspire a Love of Learning

Donate $35 towards a Sun Book

Be a part of donating one of the first 500 Sun Book tablets of 2018, to a class of children.


The Device

Imagine going to school for years and never seeing a single textbook

This is the reality for many students in developing countries.

But the new Sun Book tablet brings a whole digital library of books and learning resources to the world’s poorest children.

The Sun Book Tablet is Solar Powered The Sun Book Tablet
Sun Book tablet features
    • 800 textbooks on one device
    • 30% local content included
    • Solar-powered no electricity needed
    • Content pre-loaded no Internet needed
    • Low-cost to make and ship
    • In-the-field training and support for teachers
    • Fast, no buffering
    • Durable materials to reduce damage

Akello, 10, Grade 5, Uganda

“I like to read books, although we don’t have any books or a library in our school… Today, in our class, we got a Sun Book tablet with many interesting books. I am very excited.”

The Problem

You can help foster a love of learning and reading - one classroom at a time!

Do you love books? How many texts did you use when you were at school? Your schoolbooks may not have been your favourite reads but chances are they were vital to your education.

In 20 million classrooms around the world, there are children going to school lacking textbooks and other resources crucial for a quality education.

How can teachers teach and how can students achieve their best when they have no books? That’s where the Sun Book tablet can help bridge the gap!

  • 90% of classrooms in developing countries have no electricity
  • 10-20% higher income for every extra year of education a girl receives


Patrick, Grade 6 teacher in Uganda

“My greatest frustration as a teacher is not having the learning tools for my students… The new Sun Book tablets are bringing the world to us despite our isolation.”


Your Impact

The first Sun Book tablets have been distributed to classrooms in Uganda, with plans to ship to other off-the-grid classrooms – not connected to the digital world – countries in Africa, Asia and South America.

Your impact

Current targeted regions: Uganda, Cameroon and Colombia

Get Involved

Ways you can get involved


Donate a Sun Book tablet

Join the First 500 Club for 2018!

Give a class of children a complete digital library and a shot at a quality education.


Give monthly

Become a Love of Learning Investor

$29 a month for a year will pay for a single Sun Book tablet for a class of children.